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Pinkdog elms software Details

PinkdogElms - Automatic Email Enquiry and Lead Management Software

Automatic Email Sender - Email Response Management System


  1. Pinkdog-elms will regularly / automatically send mails to the follow ups -send a message exactly how you prepared and pre-stored.
  2. User can prepare the message to be sent to a particular lead/enquiry from Pinkdogelms and save it and instruct the system to send the message on any specific day - of the week, month year regularly.
  3. The message goes to the customer as if you had sent it today and when he replies, it comes to the mail box of your choice - since it will carry your reply mail address.
  4. The messages are stored exactly as how you will remind the customers - check the sample below

Dear Alex
Just reminding about your enq and our reply
pl get back to us if we can be of help to you to start this plan


On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 10:45 AM, Alexander Zhukov <alexander@xvvua.co.nz> wrote:
Hello, I have lot of interest in promoting my site , can you help by sending me a proposal?
Thanks .
Kind regards,
Alex Zhukov

  1. Schedule the "pinkdog elms" to send mails as you feel appropriate on Daily / 2 days once / Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly / Yearly
  2. PinkDogElmswill send you a carbon copy of all the mails sent on a particular day, so that you will know how many mails are sent on that particular day
  3. PinkDogElms can send the message regularly (even if your company is on leave) even if it is on specific days without forgetting until the target customer says - Yes, thanks for your continuous reminders i want your service"
  4. PinkDogElms has a facility to send a carbon copy of the mail being sent automatically to your email address youremail@yourdomain for you to just know if its sending the message correctly. You can change this email id to any other email id if you click on the change password link , and change the email id of the carbon copy.
  5. If there are 5 or 10 departments in a company all departments can be given one separate login and password so that they can followup their own enquiries and jobs at their own convenient time, this software will manage it in the same method it manages the main follow up work.
  6. You can send customized news letter to all the emails being added in the various categories.
  7. When one sales executive leaves the company, still all his enquiries and follow ups are available in PinkDogElms and as he sends the follow up without the need of appointing a new sales executive, the autoelms sends followup mails to those enquiries. so you don't lose any enquiries.
  8. What more you want PinkDogElms will work for you as a sincere staff who will not resign the job or take leave when such an important assignment is entrusted.

- now and see that happening for your business!