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The Automatic Enquiry and Email
Lead Management Software

Enquiry / Lead Management System - Automatic Email Sender Software

"The secret of success is sending quick response to an enquiry and follow up at right frequencies" But who is having time to keep on doing the follow up, we can do once , twice but for years can you do follow up?

Unless you do , you cannot win in this world , but how can a person do this unprofitable work so that the company can become profitable?

How many cold enquries you lost to your competitor because you did not have time to follow up!

How many leads you have lost because you left unattended, thinking the buyer has lost interest, when actually he/she was busy on that day and when your competitor responded , the order was given to your competition?

Here is a software that does it for you automatically and without your physical work - but as if you have sent the message "

Now convert all your cold enquiries/leads into hot enquiries today.!!!!!

Its natural for businessmen to concentrate on the hot leads/ enquiry which will give them the money today than what will give money to them tomorrow . But when a customer says he needs it in few days, few weeks and few months, mostly he is forgotten because always the concentration goes on to the daily routines. Due to this huge opportunities are lost to competition.

Now solve this problem immediately and no more losing of orders to your competitors.

Here comes the Pinkdog-elms (Automatic email and leads management system)